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How To Make Dishwashing Detergent At Home

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwashing detergent comes in different form – gels or powder. Powder is the least expensive ones and most of the choice of consumers. You shop for dishwashing detergent online and you’ll probably get confuse of which brand to buy. Always check its ingredients before buying. Go for one that is recommended by your dishwasher’s manufacturer. If not, you can always make your own dishwashing detergent at home.  The question for most people is “how to make dishwashing detergent at home?”

how to make dishwashing detergent at home

Cascade Dishwashing Detergent

For some consumers, they prefer to make their own detergent at home. They love to experiment and they can add the ingredients that they want in their dishwashing detergent. Another reason why they opt for homemade dishwashing detergent is the cost. Homemade of course is least expensive than commercial dishwasher detergents and is as effective as or even more effective than what you find online.

Making Dishwashing Detergent at Home

To address the query in how to make dishwashing detergent at home, here is a recipe of homemade dishwasher detergent that will most likely cut your budget a few bucks! Read further and you will learn how to make dishwashing detergent at home.

  • The first thing to do is to gather the ingredients to make your dishwashing detergent. Gather the following materials – half cup citric acid, one cup washing soda, half cup kosher salt and one cup Borax.
  • When you have all your materials then you are ready to go! Get a thirty-two ounce container and in it add your one cup of borax. Then add your one cup of washing soda. Half cup kosher salt and half cup of citric acid. Cover your container and shake it well till the ingredients inside mix. You might observe clumping in your detergent because of the citric acid. To minimize clumping you can add a teaspoon of rice to the detergent to aid absorbs the moisture.  When all ingredients are combined then leave it out and just stir it several times a day for maximum of two days

One batch gives your twenty-four ounces of dishwashing detergent. So if you want to make more, then just double the ingredients use or even more according to your desired amount of dishwasher detergent.

The ingredients are cheap and are safe. If you use the materials as prescribed above then it is not toxic at all. Borax is as toxic as table salt if ingested at high quantities. This will surely make one sick but if it is use as prescribed above to make a dishwasher detergent then it does not pose any threat at all to one’s health. Aside from its safety for use, this homemade dishwasher recipe is made with three goals and that is to save you money, its efficiency and how fast and easy it is to make.

Compare to commercial dishwasher’s detergents which you can find in the market today, these homemade detergents definitely cuts the price in half and even more for some. You can definitely save a few dollars with this and you can now spend those saved dollars to other important things that you may need at home. Its efficiency is definitely at par with other commercial detergents and what is even more amazing is you can prepare the formulation in just a matter of few minutes. It is so easy and in two days’ time you have your home made dishwasher detergent ready to use.

So try to gather all the materials needed and start making your own homemade dishwasher detergent. You can double the amount of materials needed to produce more detergents to last you for a while. It would be great to be able to save a few dollars and at the same time have an effective dishwasher detergent to use at home.

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